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Allen Pole Pruner

The #1 Pruning Pole in New England for over 50 years

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The Allen Pole Pruner

In the 1970’s Russell Allen needed a better tool for pruning apple trees. Russell, along with Seymour Smith Corp., invested and manufactured the Allen Pole Pruner. It is used by most growers and still made by Allen Brothers today.

The Allen Pole Pruner has proved to be faster and more convenient than power equipment, more aggressive and easier to maneuver then the competition, lasts longer and is more durable than any pole on the market.

Extremely light weight and easy to operate, the The Allen Pole Pruner is the professional tool designed for the arborist who wants to do a professional job. 

  • Machined cut billet aluminum 12x stronger

  • Hardened steel sharp blade / increased capacity Full 1 1/4″ cut

  • Strong, lightweight, anodized aluminum pole

  • Operating wire held inside pole

  • Operating lever gives more cutting power than ropes and no entanglement in trees

  • Vinyl handgrip riveted to lever

Pruner Pole Price List

10 ft Pole – $199.99
8 ft Pole – $189.99
6 ft Pole – $179.99
Replacement blade – $6.99
Wheeler hand saw – $39.99

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