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Allen Brothers Farms

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Over 50 Years in Southern Vermont

In 1956, following their dream to produce the finest apple crop in all of New England, four Allen brothers purchased an orchard on a southern Vermont hillside in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley.

Over 50 years later, Allen Brothers has continued to follow that tradition by growing their own produce. The farm stand has followed suit by making the finest pies and delicious homemade food to continually please our customers.

Farm Stand at Allen Brothers photo
fresh picked strawberries and shortcakes for sale

Come Grow With Us

The Greenhouse operation has grown to supply our garden center with beautiful plants and flowers.

We strive to always make our customers feel at home whenever they walk into our store because our culture is one that facilitates kindness, generosity, collaboration and hard work.

From strawberries in the spring, sweet corn in the summer, and apples in the fall, Allen Brothers sells all native produce picked fresh daily.

Selecting only the best products, Allen Brothers has added Vermont cheeses and maple syrup, wine and hard cider. We also have the best craft beer selection in southern Vermont.